Nose Work Trials – Competition for You and Your Dog

Some folks love the thrill of competition while for others, it’s just not their thing. A great way to find out before you commit is to volunteer at a trial. There’s several opportunities coming up this spring. I love love love nose work. It builds confidence, grows a bond between owner and dog, and burns…

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Nosework Helps Rescue Dogs

Nose work is a great activity for all dogs, and it can really help shelter/rescue dogs while they are waiting for adoption. For a little while, they can forget the noise and the smells of being surrounded by other dogs who want nothing more than what most pet dogs take for granted. A home. A…

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Graduating Class

A woman sitting with a dog on her lap and showing a yellow colored certificate

The weather is hot and so are these newest Introduction to Nose Work (1) graduates! Let’s give a round of applause to these great searcher teams, who finished their six-week session in flying colors. Included in the group is Elvis, who is currently in rescue and available for adoption. He’s a sweetheart hound in Jacksonville…

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A woman wearing a black dress and sitting on a chair with a yellow certificate while her dog sits beside her on the floor

Happy graduation! We’re so proud of Sarah D. with Zukun, Sarah F. and Nova, and Elizabeth with Chip – who all passed Introduction to Nose Work 1 this week. What great searcher teams! These great pups learned how to search in and out of boxes both inside and outside. They also got introduced to vehicle…

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Before She Goes

Mocha lying down outside with a frisbee

Her time is drawing nearer, but I want to write this now. While I can still hug her neck and bury my fingers in her thick fur. While she can still walk, even though her back legs tremble. While she can see, and hear, and eat, and carry the Frisbee in her mouth like a…

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Obedience Trainer Referrals

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Dog Talk with Julie is all about nose work training. It’s an amazing activity that helps dogs burn off extra energy and build confidence. Nose work, however, is not obedience training. In fact, we have a saying “there are no no’s in nose work” because we let the dog lead the search and we make…

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