Our Newest Nose Work Grads

A woman holding a certificate in her mouth and posing with a dog

Congratulations to our newest Introduction to Nose Work (1) graduates! On March 8, these great pups and their handlers completed the six-week course. They learned how to search for food in boxes, out of boxes, and on objects in the room. We even did one class on how to search a vehicle. The main goal…

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Suspended Hide Drill

hanging cup and a rope on the floor

As your dog becomes more experienced in nose work, he or she will start working on elevated hides (those that are too high for a dog to reach, at least initially) and suspended hides (those hanging from a ceiling or overhead structure). My advanced class students and their dogs have been already been introduced to…

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Class Graduation!

A woman holding a certificate and her dog on her lap

We had a reason to celebrate on Saturday, Dec. 10 – it was graduation day for the first Introduction to Odor class at the new facility! During this session the dogs learned that the novel odors of birch and anise were valuable and worth searching for. We did searches in boxes, out of boxes, outdoors,…

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